Antique Buffet: Incorporating Modern + Reclaimed Pieces

Uh, yeah….
Tell me that’s not the yummiest buffet you’ve ever seen! When my dear friend Bri snagged this piece for her home, I instantly fell in furniture-love! The lines! The detailing! The paint! Plus, her use of this buffet as a media center is spot on. I wanted to share how she tastefully incorporated this antique piece in with more modern surroundings…although, I don’t know if I’d be able to concentrate on the TV with that beauty in front of me!
I absolutely dig this idea. The buffet contains all of her wires, boxes, consoles etc. and the TV is seamlessly mounted in to the wall (time well spent!). The buffet adds so much interest and elegance to this living space. Bri actually was shopping a local antique strip when she saw this unfinished buffet come off a truck. Even in it’s plain-jane state, she saw potential! Some chalk paint and expert distressing was all this piece took…now, it’s one of the centerpieces in her home!

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