Factors to be considered when buying a wood planer

The success of many woodworking projects lies in whether to buy a suitable and reliable wood planer. However, determining which wood planer is best to use is complicated and difficult for buyers. This is because different woodworking projects and specific needs will require different types of wood planers.

Understanding that, in this article, I will give some essential criteria that you need to consider when deciding to purchase a wood planer. Let’s find out.

Types of wood planer

On the market, there are many types of wood planers designed to perform different functions. In general, they are classified into two main classes – the hand wood planers and the electric wood planers.

Hand wood planers: Hand wood planers are mostly designed for small-scale manufacturing at small-scale workshops or home. It is the best wood planer for beginners. However, To make these planers work, the workman must use a sufficient amount of energy to push it forward and plan several times. That consumes the energy of the user.

Electric wood planers: As their name suggests, These planers are supplied with electrical power to operate. They are convenient and effective. And this planer is equipped with a powerful motor. This makes the planning process faster, more accurate and easier. So it is always recommended for heavy-duty work in large workshops as well as the best thickness planer.

However, this type of device is extremely diverse. You need to consider a lot of aspects before buying. For example, the motor and horsepower of the machine. Other factors to be considered include the cutting depth of the planer (the thickness of the blade in one turn), the flatness of the table surface (ensuring smooth work) and of course the width of the planing surface. (defines the width of the wood that can be cut)

About price

The cost of the planer varies depending on the device manufacturer and the quality of the tool. You should choose a planer that you can afford in limited resources at your disposal. Do not intend to get the cheapest machine or tool because the current cheap price can become very expensive later. That is easy to understand, Cheap device certainly its quality will not be as good as the expensive one. You will quickly have to bring in regular repairs. That leads to more costly when buying an expensive but quality one. In my opinion, Hand wood planer is the best wood planer for the money for you because it is quite cheap and quality. Besides, do not use an electric planer if you do not have easy access to electrical points.

 Efficient and convenient

Can the wood planer that you are planning to buy perform the tasks you set within your expected time frame? What does the final product look like? Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before buying a planer. Look carefully at the functions of each wood planer so you can purchase the best wood planer.

About safety

If you choose a planer, you must not forget that they are equipped with a cutter that runs at high speed. You must be alert to this exposure hazard. So you must ensure that the cutter reaches maximum speed before you start cutting and join smoothly and professionally with two hands. Keep your work area free of any obstacles. Moreover, Wear protective gear such as eyeglasses and protective clothing (avoid wearing gloves because it interferes with your planning process)

Chip direction

For maximum efficiency and flexibility, you need to buy a planer that offers options for left or right chip direction. This helps determine the dust bag or the location of the dust collector depending on the job. But where you don’t plan on using a dust tube or bag.  A good option is a model with a chip chute that you can remove easily.

The length of the cord

Longer cords will give you better access anywhere in your store. But its downside is, if you have to put the tool away or pack it in a car to work regularly, you need to coil that every time. Because the cord is too long, it will prevent the movement.

Horsepower of wood planer

In general, the more powerful the motor, the more accurate and efficient the planer. Most in-house woodworkers expect a 5 or 6-amp power planer. For heavier work, you can get the higher horsepower

Cutting depth, blades, and accessories

The cutting depth of the planer converts to the amount of wood that the blade will cut in one run. Carbide blades are generally recommended because it is more durable than HSS. The longer and bigger the fence, the better it controls. Many angled guides, cutter heads, dust control functions, and adapters are also things you need to research.

In conclusion

I have mentioned a few criteria that you need to consider when purchasing a quality wood planer. Hopefully,  this article will be useful to you. And thanks for reading.

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